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  • Hey dude, I noticed in your vote you spelled my name wrong. Two N's. I don't know it'll matter.

    You're neck and neck in the poll for first! It's pretty intense. If I don't win I want it to be you. Our pools are pretty similar.

    Good luck man!
    I would like to personally thank you for your review of my move pool. Only being a member for 3.5 months I am just easing into the more advanced stuff after learning the basics. I thought cap would be a fun way to get some Exp. and it was! I hope to get a couple votes, but I don't expect to win. Anyway I just wanted to thank you again being the only person to actually give me some feedback. See you around :)
    I'm not experienced enough to review your movepool submission (sorry!), but I decided t drop a VM to thank you once again for your review. It was really helpful!
    you should absolutely come on irc dude, i mean you may think you understand CAP but you really will have no idea until you do irc. This really goes for any online community. Besides, IRC is the fun part of Smogon :D
    Thanks for sticking up for my Magnet Pull idea. I actually wanted to write more about it, but Birkal has been deleting my threads. He hasn't been very tolerant of my ideas since I suggested Steel/Steel for the typing. I thought it would be very risky to have only 4x weaknesses and resistances, but he fixated on the no-existing-pokemon-has-two-of-the-same-type thing. Anyway, long story short, I wish more people accepted my crazy ideas like you did. So thanks.
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